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Oboe: Unfolded is a commissioning and recording project designed to bridge the gap in the accessibility level of unaccompanied works for solo oboe and English horn, for both the performer and the listener.

The genre of unaccompanied works for oboe and English horn has works at both ends of the spectrum: solo Baroque works or some 20th century works that are now standardized, or incredibly complex serial, atonal, and aleatoric works that are so virtuosic they are unaccessible to performers.

Oboe: Unfolded was designed to introduce new unaccompanied works with pedagogical value that can be performed by both students and professionals, and works that are appealing to the general audience. The result is a new, professionally recorded solo album of five new works: two for unaccompanied oboe, two for unaccompanied English horn, and one for oboe and electronic sounds.

Oboe: Unfolded was recorded at Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, OH in the summer of 2019, and was recorded and engineered by Dr. Joel Crawford. It features works by composers Luis Ruelas Romo, Daniel Harrison, Jacob Duber, Laura Harrison, and Linsey Wiehl. It is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music.



Cover Design and Photography by Kerrie Meister